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As an animator I spend most days working on animated video storyboards, taking complex information and doing my best to help my clients make that information easier for their clients to digest. All day everyday converting words into animation, which I love to do but the reason I have followed the path that I'm on is because I really enjoy the art of animation.

Getting your Bills Paid on Time

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Game of Interest Rates

Are you guilty of poor record keeping?

It’s the Year of the Goat!

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Time to reflect

Making a difference

Recycle plastics, recycle paper, recycle debt!

Dear Cat Owners,

Did you know that just by observing your wonderful feline friend, you may just learn a thing or two about managing your finances. It might sound funny, but the message is very serious. Cats are the masters of finance and we can all benefit from their investment prowess.

Kind Regards

Doodler Cat Video



#Doodlerquicktips showcases some quick and simply ideas that will help you use video on a daily bases in your business.  Today our quick tip focuses on using Youtube to create an email video template for clients.   I use this quick tip all the time to showcase videos as examples that may be sitting on Youtube, however you can easily use this to send to a client who you may of just finished talking to on the phone or in meeting.  It presents well in emails and you can quickly edit it to suit your brand.


The run up to Christmas has begun and the Festive Fun has started to make its way into our days.  By now you, your families and your clients are beginning to sense the looming bombardment of pre-Christmas specials.  

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) is expecting shoppers to spend $45 billion during this year’s pre-Christmas period.