The financial services industry has been the subject of significant reforms , restrictions and bad press for some time now. So I thought there needed to be a shift on the positives for a change.

The first time I had ever heard about financial planning, was when I was fresh out of University, in a comfortable teaching job, earning a pretty good income. Like most young people I was a very good spender. I was introduced to a Financial Adviser who was visiting the teaching staff at the time, and his advice was to start making some of that money work for me.

I didn't really have any goals at the time (other than spending), so this seemed like good advice. It was probably one of the best decisions I had ever made.

Now as an animator for the Financial Services Industry, I can see that many people still need to be introduced to financial advice. They need to "start planning the rest of their lives" and in order to do this good financial advice is the key.

A good starting point is educating them. Many of us are introduced to the principles of money at school, but after school has finished, there is no more education. It is up to the financial adviser to get the message across to all these people. The more people who understand financial advice and planning, the more you connect with these people and earn their trust. With social media being the preferred medium for getting information across to a large groups of people, educating clients has never been easier. Our new video "Start Planning the rest of your life" will help you get started with the education process.   For more educational videos visit Doodler