For something a bit different and keeping with the animation theme, I have decided to look into GIFS this month.  You may remember GIFS (graphic interchange format) being around in the mid-80's, where even with sluggish internet connections (every connection back then) you could quickly download a picture in this format.  Now-a-days GIFS are pretty much referred to as Animated GIFS.  The short looped GIFS that you may see on facebook, twitter and other social media forums are very short, pixelated and have size restrictions.  Facebook and twitter have only just allowed GIFs to be placed in feeds, however due to the size restrictions  you may get images such as this-


With the NBN being rolled out and our internet speeds increasing, GIFS can done on a much larger format for webpages which offers endless possibilities in regards to showcasing information.  GIFS have also been utilised with Powerpoint presentaions and other presentation software due to their ease of use. 

I must admit it has been a learning curve entering the GIF world.  I am so used to MP4 movie files that are huge and bulky, which compares to GIFs  that may only have 5-10 seconds of frames with limited size and dimensions. I have found that using GIFS for cycles and lifestages works well as it showcases this information beautifully. I always love a challenge, and I had a ton of fun creating the following two animated GIFS. I'm definitely planning on more animated gifs and infographics in the future, including the financial planning process.  As always, would love to hear your comments and suggestion about animated GIFS.  

The two GIFS below are available in our Video Library