Doodler is adding to its growing video library with a new animated series called "Cup of Advice". The scripts for Cup of Advice are based on conversations that your clients might have with family and friends over a cuppa in a café or coffee shop.

So how would you use this series in your business?

The Cup of Advice videos are targeted towards social media and newsletter distributions.  They are conversation starters and prompt the audience to take action on some issues they may be delaying.  The key is to get the audience to see that a Financial Adviser can help in many areas of their lives, not just money and goal setting.   It also shows that they have many key partners, such as accountants, solicitors and brokers who can also help them out.

The series has been created in such a way that the viewers are familiar with the background of a cafe, but also curious about the talking cups.  Standing out is the key to social media advertising and showing something different is sure to attract clicks.    Visit the Doodler Shop for your very own set.