The run up to Christmas has begun and the Festive Fun has started to make its way into our days.  By now you, your families and your clients are beginning to sense the looming bombardment of pre-Christmas specials.  The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) is expecting shoppers to spend $45 billion during this year’s pre-Christmas period.
The ARA and research partner Roy Morgan Research are predicting that retailers will see a 4.3 per cent rise in sales from 15 November until 24 December, compared with the same period in 2013 ($43 billion).
The allure of festive fever, Christmas sales and shopping displays that make you feel that it is okay to get out that credit card and deal with the payment later.  Retailers, now more than ever, understand the psychology of our spending habits and the motivations they need to use to engage us and take us on the spending journey.
With the popularity of online shopping, and even the ease of pay wave, the temptation to spend is now no longer requires the same thought process that it once upon a time did.  
At some point in your life, you’ve felt the pain of the ”Christmas Debt Hangover”, now more than ever we need to consider how we manage our money. Leading up to the silly season it's worth reminding your clients that spending up big now may make them feel good, but this may only last until the January credit card bill arrives.  
January can be an expensive time of year too preparing for back to school for your clients that have school aged children. Starting off the new calendar year with a large credit card bill may make some of your clients feel not so merry after all.
It’s not too late to consider how you manage your money through this Christmas Season.  Why not take the initiative and showcase this Doodler Animation in your next newsletter, email or on your webpage.   Help guide your client’s through the Christmas Season by avoiding a Debt Hangover with this simple little video.