Making a difference

It is easy to keep on producing animations and video, but sometimes you need to pause and reflect on how you are changing peoples lives. It not about the profitability of your business, or how much you sell, it is about making video available to everyone. Doodler has shown me that I have a place in this world, where I can help others make information easy to understand, make animation accessible to everyone and also make myself happy by doing something I love.

When I get feedback from clients it is so rewarding. I recently had that experience with a client of mine (Chris Yena from Warringal Financial Services in Victoria). Chris was one of our first clients and we worked together on two customised animations, one showcasing the value of money at different stages of life, as well as what to expect at your first meeting. I remember he was so proud that his son had a part in creating the first animation and the script. He is also a regular user of theSidekick Video library. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person as we are located in different states, however there have been a many of a phone call and email communication. Thank you Chris for the wonderful Testimonial!