Are you guilty of poor record keeping?


Fading receipts, boxes under the bed, paperwork piling up in a forgotten cupboard....

Have I just described you?

I’m a small business owner and I know first-hand that record-keeping can be one of the most time-consuming and mind-numbing jobs that I have to deal with in my business.

We’ve all been guilty of not treating business records with the attention it deserves.

It’s usually the first task put aside during busy times which often means it’s difficult to catch up later; the longer it’s left, the harder it becomes. If you are like me, this ends up leaving me feeling harassed and increases stress levels.

According to the Australian Tax Office, record keeping is a key reason many small businesses fail.

Of course, good record-keeping is not just about accumulating receipts for tax deductions. We all know, without accurate and up-to-date accounts, business owners could be paying higher tax instalments throughout the year when that money could be used in the business.

Information is king and good records save small businesses!

There are many other reasons for keeping accounts in good shape so we’ve developed an animation that may help you keep your records in tip top shape!

Are you a victim of poor record keeping? Then perhaps this latest animation may help you like it has helped me.

If you have some top tips for all us Small Business owners on keeping it simple with your business records, I’d love to hear your ideas.