As an animator I spend most days working on animated video storyboards, taking complex information and doing my best to help my clients make that information easier for their clients to digest. All day everyday converting words into animation, which I love to do but the reason I have followed the path that I'm on is because I really enjoy the art of animation.
I must admit some times I do lose myself in what I do and I forget the personalities behind the animations, after all they are the one's that tell the story.  So I thought this week I would knock the door of Matt.  Honestly, he's like an old mate these days; Matt's been with me since the beginning and boy haven't things changed for both of us.
Knock, Knock, Knock.
"Hey Shakira!"
"Hey Matt!"
"It's been a while Matt since we chatted and I wanted to give people some insight into a typical day for you."
"Sure Shakira, well let me see where do I begin."
8.30am:     Computer is on so I'm awake and ready for the adventures of the day.
9.00am:     A briefing with you and the team on projects due for completion and what are the priorities for the day.
10.30am:     You normally grab coffee and so I guess I do too.
10.45am:     Script review for a new client video. I try and give you the actions and words that I think will best get the message across. This video is a little more complicated than some of the animations we have done recently. We don't want this animated video to be too long; it might not keep the clients interested!
11.45am:     Phew, that last session was pretty intense so I just take a small time out Shakira, whilst you take a client call.
12.00pm:     I'm up and ready to go! A finished storyboard has come in and it's looking good.  Client approval pending but I really want to get this one perfect so I might do some work with our voice over guy to make sure we nail it. My performance needs to match what the message is that we are trying to deliver.
1.00pm:     Do we have time for a quick break? Was thinking of getting a quick trim, I definitely want to look my best when we start recording this afternoon.
1.45pm:     Right, let's make it happen Shakira! We need to get some video in the can.  We've got three approved scripts and storyboards that we need to get completed. Let's do them in this order:
  1. Not all debt is bad - WOW I really didn't know that! 
  2. Income Protection - Hope we're protecting our income Shakira!
  3. Getting your bills paid on time - Well I'm glad I don't have to look after that!
So let's get going, one client but three video's; they really are keen to use animation to communicate with their clients.
4.00pm:     Well that was intense! I'm exhausted but I don't think the day is done. It's time for a consultation for a customised animated video. Guess what I'm hosting the meeting via Skype which is pretty cool.  This client has a really unique message and they want to tell their story their way so it will be up to me (and Shakira) to guide them through what it takes to build an animation from scratch. Gee, I hope they like me and want to work with me; guess they might want to work with Emily.  Have you met Emily yet?
5.00pm      Well it's knock off time for me but I think Shakira is going to be working for quite a while yet.  I need to get some rest so that I can do this all again tomorrow.
So there you go Shakira - it's pretty intense and I've got a lot of people to keep happy but then again I'm guessing you know that.
Hey Shakira before I knock off, how about a new tie? Think I need to keep up with the trends and want to be ahead of the game wherever I can.
I really get a kick out of what I do, it's pretty cool being an animation because I get to bring people's words to life! Who could ask for a better job than that.
Why don't you chat to Shakira, she's pretty cool and she can tell you all about me! Make sure you ask for Matt!