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Okay so I have my super cool animation added to my Youtube account, now what do I do? Embed, Embed, Embed! Did you know that embedding your video directly into your website or articles is very easy to do and once it's done your audience will stay on your webpage longer, instead of heading off to view it on Youtube and its' many distractions. The below video is embedded into my Linkedin post. It is a great example of how embedding works and why it is important to keep your viewer on the same page. If you would like to learn more please watch this video on embedding tips and tricks. It will even show you how to customise the video player to suit your needs. For more helps please subscribe to Doodler Youtube


Doodler is pleased to announce (drum roll) that we are now working with the team at Financial Writers Australia to help expand our video library and to provide our wonderful clients with a wider selection and variety and of topics to choose from!

I had four scripts sitting on my desk on General Insurance topics, and came to conclusion that these videos needed  to be different, needed a new style, something that looks totally awesome on the screen and will definitely blow the roof off the finance industy!  So the Doodler Popup book was created.  This project has been  sitting on my laptop for a while (as scattered files)  and it is only now I have actually had the chance to complete it!   You will notice with this new style that there is no music.  This has been replaced with sound effects!  So what do you think? Tweet us @doodlervs or facebook your comments!

As you may be well aware, over the next 10 years, the Australian Government will be steadily implementing changes to the aged care system to bring about a move toward consumer-directed aged care. The transformation will offer families and caregivers greater choices, flexibility, and enhanced support

Being able to communicate with your mortgage clients and using various platforms has never been easier, if done right it can help you form a great relationship between new and existing clients. Australians love accessing video, with 9.8 million accessing YouTube per month resulting in 3 billion views per day and 45 hours of video uploaded every minute according YouTube.  That’s a lot of video being accessed by Aussies every day!  

Animation has entertained and informed us throughout our lives; this is why many of us feel an emotional connection with the medium. Its accessible nature makes it a powerful way to deliver content that resonates with your audience. If you have a story or idea to convey, animated video can communicate ideas that live-action video can't. It's more approachable, imaginative, and unique. Some of the most progressive companies all around the world are using it to achieve various goals:

An increasing number of businesses, just like you, are recognising  the benefits of visual content to boost brand awareness and increase engagement with clients.  With the continuing rise of video being played on social media channels, animation plays a key role in providing a creative and informative way of delivery information that at times may seem intangible.  If you want your message to be heard and understood, animation is the solution for you.  You may ask yourself how can I use animation in my business?  Well we wanted to give you a run down on how many of Doodler’s clients are using their videos!  You will be amazed how many uses one animation can have!